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The ACCURA GRINDMASTER 200 KNIFE GRINDING MACHINE offers cutting edge technology to sharpen/grind standard steel, tool steel, High-Speed Steel knives for cutting paper, boards, wood metal, plastics, etc., with minimum downtime, grinding time, labor and consumables. It features precision and flexibility for complex grinding applications up to 200 cm long. The ergonomically arranged operating elements on the grinding carriage unit features automatic grinding cycles, X-axis readout and creep-feed grinding.




Accura GrindMaster 200 Knife Grinding Machine

 Maximum Grinding Length

 Maximum Grinding Face Width

 Electro-Magnetic Type Knife Bed

 Grinding Wheel Speed

 Grinding Wheel Dimensions

 Traversing Speed of Grinding Carriage

 Grinding Motor

 Traversing Motor

 Coolant Pump Motor

 Overall Dimensions




Technical Specifications:

200 cm / 79 inches

20 cm

0 - ± 90° (adjustable)

0 - 1450 RPM

Φ20 × Φ15 × Φ10 cm

0 -15 meters/minute

4.0 KW

0.55 KW

0.186 KW

285 × 100 × 150 cm





Machine Bed. Sturdy welded construction, thermally stress-relieved, vibration-absorbing, torsion-resistant box design. Smooth interior with coolant outlet on the side for quick discharge of coolant and easy cleaning of the machine bed.


Rails. The rails are precision ground and specially hardened. Replaceable railway strips are fitted for easy maintenance.


Knife Bed. The basic model features a clamp type knife bed. The High-end model features an electro-magnetic knife bed. Both the clamp type knife bed and the electro-magnetic knife bed swivel 0 - ± 90°, lockable at any angle.

The electro-magnetic knife bed is a solid billet of steel with the electro-magnetic plate precision-mounted and sealed to its top surface. The grinding carriage control panel includes a switch to de-magnetize the electro-magnetic knife bed for quick-release of knives.


Grinding Carriage. The grinding carriage is manufactured from vibration-absorbing solid cast iron components. For easy and safe observation of the grinding process, large openings are provided on either side of the grinding motor support unit. The grinding carriage unit traverses along the machine bed rails on special high-precision rollers.


Down Feed. The down feed system features a variable feed rate and guarantees accurate positioning during the feed cycle.


Grinding Motor. The Accura GrindMaster grinding motor has a unique vibration-free design, equipped with extra-large high precision grade bearings, and dynamically-balanced rotating parts. The grinding motor is completely sealed against coolant and grinding debris. The grinding motor can be easily tilted for either angled or flat grinding. The main spindle of the grinding motor is hollow to enable coolant supply to be directed to the grinding area. For high-end models, an optional AC frequency inverter drive allows variable speed up to 1450 RPM.


Grinding Wheel. Cylindrical type, flange-mounted.


Traverse Drive. An optional AC frequency inverter drive powers a motor to drive a  chain & sprocket gear system to provide the traversing motion of the grinding carriage. Movable stops and proximity switches control the grinding length; the stops easily slide along a rail to increase or decrease the grinding length.


Coolant Equipment. The coolant supply system is a multi-chamber coolant tank and supply pump at the end of the machine bed. The pump supplies coolant to the grinding area through the grinding motor spindle controlled by flow taps.      

A complete coolant system with a separate pump and filter keeps knives lubricated, cool and burn-free even during prolonged and aggressive grinding procedures.


Electrical Equipment. 220/380/415/440V 50/60Hz 3 Phase. All electrical components are placed in a separate control cabinet. The control and instrumentation panel are mounted on the grinding carriage. The cables for the grinding carriage run through an articulated cable rack at the rear of the machine.


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