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The Accura – Easycut Guillotine Programming Device can upgrade your existing guillotine to a programmable model for greater accuracy, improved reliability and increased productivity at a fraction of the budget for a brand-new programmable guillotine by using advanced computer hardware and sophisticated software to automate the paper cutting process.​
















AUTOMATE your paper cutter NOW with the Accura - Easycut Guillotine Programming Device and enjoy the latest programmable guillotines’ benefits such as greater accuracy, improved reliability, less paper wastage, higher output, increased productivity at a fraction of their prices!


  • Allows four operating modes – manual, program, review and automatic.

  • Stores 15,840 cut positions entered into 198 programs with a maximum of 80 steps per program. Each program can be easily reviewed and revised without re-entering the whole program all over again.

  • Shifts between Imperial and Metric measurement systems with the push of a button.  

  • Enters fractional parts of an inch such as ¼, 3/8,   5/16, 7/32, 9/64 …

  • Features step & repeat sequence ideal for label printers.

  • Divides a sheet into equal sizes without manual calculations.

  • Includes a calculator for basic mathematical computations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Can be retrofitted on Polar, Wohlenberg, Schneider, Perfecta, Itotec, or on virtually any brand, model and size of guillotine with a motorized lead screw driving the back gauge and a hydraulic clamp.

  • Compensates for some wear and tear of the back gauge lead screw of older guillotines through self-diagnostics software to bring back the original accuracy of the machine.





Installation is easy and straightforward requiring only simple tools and a basic working knowledge of electricity and mechanics with very little mechanical and electrical modification on your original paper cutter, especially in the case of a Polar guillotine.  Setting-up the machine is accomplished easily with the use of the operating manual or through the assistance of our technicians.  



Programming and operating the unit is as easy as ABC for guillotine operators due to the ergonomic design and user-friendly software developed by a team of experts from guillotine manufacturers and end-users.  Procedures for programming, reviewing, execution and operation are user-friendly and easy-to-learn.  Additions, deletions, revisions can be easily entered without re-programming the whole cutting sequence.  The back gauge position is displayed all the time in the Imperial system (inches) or Metric system (mm) according to the user’s preferred unit of measurement.



After-sale service & spare parts support is backed-up by our own professionally-trained technical staff and fully-equipped machine works manufacturing the world-renowned Accura sheeters for the international market.







Accura Easycut Guillotine Programming Device

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